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Wednesday, 08 June 2011 21:49

Dupe Ige Kachi, popularly called IGE (pronounced ee-gay), is an all-round performer. She has been singing since she was seven years old. Born into a family of art lovers, she has always appreciated all forms of music and dance, from classical to jazz and R&B. She honed her art in the several singing groups and choirs of the various churches that she attended as the child of a clergyman, which include Laz Ekwueme Chorale, Steve Rhodes Voices, Chosen Treasure Choir (HOTR), Covenant Christian Centre Choir, MUSON, and several Anglican Church choirs.

Even though she studied electrical/electronics engineering at the University if Lagos, the arts have been a part of her everyday life. She has acted in a number of stage plays, and graced a number of concert stages like the Calabar Carnival 2005-2007, TOTAL 50th anniversary celebrations, “The Experience”, P.D.P Presidential rally dinner 2007, The Presidential Ball 2011, “The Platform”, Nigeria Stock Exchange Awards, The African-American concert and several MUSON classical concerts. She was an active member of the defunct neo-Africanist theatre group called Rhythm of the Black Man, and she was one of the main actors in a stage play called WHAT THE STEWARD SAW. She is also the sole presenter/host of a forth-coming musical magazine T.V programme called GROOVE CHECK. She has written and performed several MTN jingles and songs and is a proud holder of MUSON certificates in voice, piano and theory of music, and is the vocal coach of the MTN PROJECT FAME WEST AFRICA. She has also organized a series of city-wide and campus voice training workshops titled “FIND UR VOICE WITH IGE”

Ige’s singing style could be described as soulful Rhythm and Blues with an eclectic blend of classical music, jazz and new-school flavor. She has worked with a number of artistes like Sammy Okposo, Provabs, JC Qrew, Cobhams, Yinka Davis, Rhymzo and Sunny Neji, to mention a few. Her name – Ige, stands for a message of hope to all. Her uniquely distinctive velvety voice serenades your soul, granting you an inevitable savory experience. Little wonder her admirers call her “Golden Voice”.

Academy Day 31

Thursday, 09 June 2011 10:23
Academy Day 31...Tintin in the Academy! Mummy J in her class discussed the challenges the contestants are facing with the songs they will be presenting by the weekend. She also helped Helen and Yetunde out with their dictions and pronunciations. It was time to rehearse their songs in the Voice Coach’s class. Tolu and Chidinma were first to show how far they’ve gone with their songs, next couple was Christian and Helen. Her voice is yet to return… Helen was not too good for it as she cried halfway through the song due to her voice loss. The contestants showed some love with hugs and words of encouragement, thanks to Ms Ige. Whatever happened to Kesse’s leg? Fellow contestants helped out with the first aid (Ochuko took the lead). In the next class, Uncle Ben made Helen rehearse her song compulsorily despite her voice loss and it was not bad at all. Kesse had to rehearse with his leg hanging. Is there anything like B Sharp on the music scale? Maybe Rhoda just invented one… She turned the whole class into a laugh arena as Uncle Ben corrected her. Tintin, a presenter on Classic FM visited the Academy while they relaxed. All were happy to have him around. It was a motivational session as he spoke on how to pursue what they have passion for, and to never lose focus and direction. At the end of the session, they were glad he came. Playing his guitar, Kesse did a song in his dialect before their guest took his leave. ...what a feeling!

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Based on the contestantS i watched yesterday,These season is gonna HOOOOOOOOOOOOOT.
Mohammed Haro
i love the show, buh yet i missed it, i hope to come next time....keep it up everyone
Adetoun, ayo, oyinkansade kudos 2 u guys. U are awesome. Oyinkansade (a.k.a ceo of olorun record) u've got wat it takes and u are vocally sound. More grace 2 ur elbow guy. Olorun!
Anny mahry
Nigeria with lots of talent. I have never attempted to vote since this programme started but seeing Ella performing "Someone like you by Adele", I was impressed and couldn't hold back but to start voting. Marvellous is another man to watch in the house. As much as I wish Ella best in her carrier so also do give Marvellous a push for the competitive race. Good man.
Ilesanmi David Oluwatoba
Gawd!!!!! D show aint started yet and I'm so loving it all d way. Grace and Marvellous........u blow ma mind!!! I luv u both. Project Fame......wat a feeling!!!!
Amaka Linda