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Abuja Auditions; Music And Comedy Fusion Featured

11,Jul 2016
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The search for the next superstar moved to the city that currently holds the bragging right- Abuja.

Jeff Akoh, the reigning champion (Season 8 winner) began his journey to stardom when he joined a host of other hopefuls at the Abuja audition last year.


So, will Abuja produce yet another winner this year, having already birthed two (Monica and Jeff)?This is the exact desire of one of the Judges- Matilda Duncan, and also most of the confident contestants that came out to give fame a shot. In their words “Abuja is ready to take the crown, back to back”. Well, guess time will tell.


Without further ado, let’s find out if the confidence of the Abuja hopefuls matches their singing and fighting skills.


Sit back and enjoy this first episode of the Abuja auditions, featuring voices that are amazing enough to give you chills, and the ones that are funny enough to make your belly ache with laughter. Click here to enjoy. 

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