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Elimination Show 8: The Penultimate Show

Saturday, 29 September 2012 14:25
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Written by  siteadmin

It's amazing how time flies. After several weeks of stiff competition, the show came to a point where the certainty of the winner could  not be easily presumed.

It was a big penultimate night for everyone and it started with a tribute to our very own Fela Anikulapo Kuti where the fabulous seven paid tribute to this great Afro king who passed on some fifteen years ago.

After this beautiful medley, the contestants went straight into the business of the day. This time around, it was a collabo, not among themselves but with past winners of the show.


Ella opened the floor with Nicholas' 'One Day I Will Fly'. It was a beautiful vocal piece with commendable energy as Nicholas (1st Runner Up in Season 2) brought a perfect blend to this unparalleled performance. Next was Oyinkansade and Monica (Winner, Season 4)  doing 'Body Hug'-Monica's new single, it was a heartfelt performance showing a classic story of love which epitomizes the song.

Our own Liberian diva-Musulyn matched up with Kesse (1st Runner up season 3) who has been topping the charts in Ghana with his singles. It was a commendable blend even as Musulyn brought her own feel to the music.

With so much energy, Christian matched up with Mike (Winner, Season 2) as they both did Mike's 'Fine fine lady'. It was a grand display of showmanship even as Christian proved to Mike that a star has arisen from Season 5. Tolu and Adetoun's performance of 'Arewa' would definitely endear them to you. As it was an exquisite demonstration of love. Adetoun's vocal dexterity synergised with Tolu's and the products were goose bumps, a standing ovation, and uncontrollable cheer amongst the audience.


Marvellous will stop at nothing to marvel his audience. His Kukere performance with Iyanya (Winner, Season 1) was so out of this world. As Marvellous danced, sang, moved to this chart-topping single from the Kukere crooner- Iyanya.

Finally for the evening was Ayo who did a perfect collabo with Chidinma (Winner, season 3) as they both did Chidinma's hit track 'Jankoliko'.


The show proved that MTN Project Fame is the home of musical talents-season in, season out. Tomorrow promises to be out of this world as the winner emerges.


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