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Academy Day 59

Thursday, 09 June 2011 11:37
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Academy Day 59.........Preparation for Stardom The budding stars complimented the Principal for her good looks. They relieved their experience at the Hip Hop World Office. From the questions they were asked, Kesse revealed that the song written for Chidinma was from his creativity. She was the dot on the letter ‘I’ since she is the buzz of the competition. Smart one dude! Well for itching ears, the relationship between Chidinma and Kesse is strictly professional…hmmmmmmmmm! Their songs were looked at; Chidinma is on point. For Ochuko if he gets the emotional state of his song, he would pull a great performance. Eyo needs to perform his song; but to who? Ochuko suggested a young girl…would this be workable? Well… The floor has become the best friend for the contestants in Uncle Ben’s class. If they would ever sit on chairs, it must be earned. There was a switch with Kesse and Eyo. Kesse’s collabo is now with Timaya, and Eyo with Eldee. The music oracle was back with the contestants. They were all commended for amazing performances. Cobhams wrote a song for a group performance. Hopefully the title would be “I’m A Winner”. The verses were split between the contestants. It was a nice time rehearsing together. Who will step into stardom???? What a feeling…
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i so much the show and would want to say thank you to Mummy J, Uncle Ben, Miss Ige and Kaffy my rose model, you guys are the bomb. Keep the good work. Adora too much love are you single would like to marry you to my lovely brother J. Benjamin, to my favorite contestant OYINKAN Olorun, we love you
Linda Dairo
its back again.. mtn project fame ....what a feeling..cant wait 4 d feelings..
You guys are doing a good job out there and ensure the good job ends with picking the right candidate.If you ask my candid opinion,Marvelous Rocks.Do not say i let the cat out of the bag.keep doing good.
Oraka elvis
Judges i really dont know what your issue is with Marvellous, he sings you say he is too relaxed cus there is no task, you give him a jumpy song he delivers yet you say he is not doing it well....heyy cut the guy some slack, he is good just admit it haba!!
Whaaaooooooooo...!!! Wat another BOMB SHELL u guys dropped on my HEAD dz weekend AGAIN!!!!!! Last tym i complained how they evicted TEGA 4rm d academy by putting her fate in the hands of fellow contestants...... 2DAY AGAIn...(blincking my eyes in tears)it was my Cool, Nice, Awesome BRENDA...!!! MTN, Faculty, Judges WHY...????????????????? wat aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah feeeling!!???