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Nomination Show Five; A Night of Pleasant Surprises!

Nomination Shows | Read 638 times
The tempo of the show has heightened with the exit of the two contestants‎ last night&n...

Elimination Show 4; A Night Of Emotional Farewell.

Elimination Shows | Read 1796 times
At the last Nomination Show, the Judges felt that most of the performances were below avera...

Academy Day 25; Contestants Educated On Copyright.

Academy | Read 904 times
The Chairman of Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) - Chief Tony Okoroji was in the Academy to ...

Academy Day 24; Uncle Ben Gets Tough On Contestants!

Academy | Read 1330 times
With all of the contestants on probation, the competition and classes are getting tougher by the da...

Academy Day 23; Contestants Storm The Beat 99.9FM.

Academy | Read 1019 times
The radio station had only hosted a handful of contestants on probation this Season, but this time ...

Academy Day 22; The Rap Game.

Academy | Read 1436 times
To appoint a new captain, the contestants explore different techniques, most of which are usually f...

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